Who pays what in a Californian Real Estate transaction around Sacramento?

In Real Estate, each region is different. Just within California, who pays what changes by county and in a few cases some cities may have slightly different rules.

There is a table showing who pays way in the counties we cover in and around the Sacramento area (last updated in 2017):

County Escrow Charges/Fees Title Fees (Owner’s Policy) County Transfer Tax
El Dorado Split Split Seller
Merced Split Split Seller
Placer Split Split Seller
Sacramento Seller Seller Seller
San Joaquin Split Split Seller
Stanislaus Split Seller Seller
Tuolumne Split Seller Seller
Yolo Seller(1) Seller(1) Seller(2)

(1) In Yolo County, the Buyer pays escrow and title fees in Davis.
(2) In Yolo County, Woodland charges an additional $1.10/$500.


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