Time Change is This Week End!

This November 4-5 the clock will change again.

I wish the Western World would stop with that since it does not save anything (it was put in place thinking that people would use less electricity…) and it has been shown to be bad for pretty much everyone. Especially when we go back one hour, which is harder since you have to get up one hour earlier than usual.

Benjamin Franklin actually came up with the idea in 1784 and published an article about it in Le Journal de Paris. However, it was first implemented only in 1916 in Germany during World War I. It was canceled and re-introduced multiple times, until most states decided to make it a law.

Scientific research evidences about summer time change, testing to know whether it really saves us energy, show that it’s not required. It makes no real measurable difference. Since it is law, though, it is complicated to get rid of that ritual, unfortunately.

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