Real Estate Abbreviations

Whether you are a new agent or a new home buyer, you may notice that listings, in the MLS or otherwise, include many abbreviations. The following is a list of such abbreviations often found in Real Estate Listings.

1ATT — One car garage, attached.

1CPT — One car carport.

1DET — One car garage, detached.

2ATT — Two car garage, attached.

2CPT — Two car carport.

2DET — Two car garage, detached.

2MST — Second Master Bedroom.

ALLY — Alley access to garage.

ALMC — Property has an Alarm, code/info in lock box.

APTO — Appointment with owner (or contact/agent) before showing.

APTT — Appointment with tenant.

ATRM — Atrium.

BNOK — Breakfast Nook.

BSTF — Basement Full.

BSTP — Basement Partial.

CALO — Call owner before showing.

CALT — Call tenant before showing.

CBS — Call before showing (often shows as CBS Restricted — CLA).

CC&R — Covenants, Conditions, & Restrictions, most often used for fees in relation with a property due to an association of owners.

CLAG — Call listing agent.

CLBX — Call first listing agent before showing, lock box available.

CLLB — Call first listing agent before showing, lock box available.

CLOF — Call listing office before showing.

CMGR — Call manager before showing.

CNVG — Converted Garage (i.e. an extra room, no a garage anymore).

DENS — Den / Study.

DRVT — Drive Through Garage (come in one side, exit on the other).

EMD — Earnest Money Deposit (also called initial deposit or buyer deposit).

FHA — Federal Housing Administration. Most often in reference to FHA Loans.

GMRM — Game Room.

GRDO — Garage Door Opener.

GSTQ — Guest Quarters.

GTRM — Great Room.

HBYR — Hobby Room.

HOA — Home Owners Association, often used to reference the fees due to the association.

KIBO — Key In Branch Office.

NODI — Do not disturb tenants.

NOGO — Do Not Go Direct.

NOND — Non Disclosure Required

NOTC — 24h notice required before showing property.

OFFC — Office.

PUD — Planned Unit Development.

RPA — Residential Purchase Agreement.

RPA — Real Property Administrator.

RPA-CA — California Residential Purchase Agreement.

RSTH — Restricted Hours.

RVGR — Garage that fits an RV.

SECL — Security System Leased.

SECO — Security System Owned.

SECS — Security System.

SPFM — Separate Family Room.

SSA — Short Sale Addendum.

TND — Tandem Garage (two cars fits, one in front of the other).

UNDG — Underground Garage.

UNFB — Unfinished Bonus Room.

VA — Veteran Affairs. Most often referenced in link with VA Loans.

VALB — Vacant with Lockbox.

VCNT — Vacant.

VLBX — Vacant with Lockbox.

WNST — Wine Storage Room.

WRKS — Garage includes a workshop.

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