Installation Compliance of Kitchen Appliance

Whenever you install a stove, a microwave, a range hood, an oven, or other similar appliance in your home, there are many guidelines to follow. Some of these are actually rules that have to be followed.

We want you to be aware of those because if you rebuild your kitchen and after a few years get ready to sell your home, you could have to do some costly repairs before the sale can go through as the appliances may not follow the norm.

Note that the reason for such normalization is simple: we want people to avoid having problems such as fires or explosions and following the guidelines will ensure maximum security.

For example, cabinets on either side of a stove, at least as of 2016, have to be at least 18¨ away. A microwave you install over your stove, must be within a minimum distance as well (determined by the manufacturer.)

Note which regulation applies to your county should be checked closely. This is the recommended regulations for California and they apply in the Sacramento and Placer counties.

You can find all the details of the 2016 regulations on the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (IAPMO) website:

Note: the document takes a little while to load. Be patient.

There are similar guidelines for water heaters, furnaces, air condition devices, etc. and many others for construction in general.

Click on the index to the left (click the menu icon at the top-left to access the index) to find the regulations you are interested in.

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