Homeownership Has Social Benefits


One aspect of homeownership, which is often missed, is the social benefits that it offers.

Although it may not look like it to you, with ownership comes responsibility and with responsibility you get social interactions and in general a better living environment.

Side Effects on Education

In the US, a great part of the property tax goes to education. There are very many benefits to having a public education system. The main one being that the less favored financially can still enjoy an education and later in life participate by having better jobs.

I know a lot of people think this is contradictory. But the fact that more have higher level education helps tremendously. Especially since we are more and more losing jobs that could make use of less educated people.

Finally, children of homeowners tend to have less dropouts because they are more likely to have a stable household, at least financially.


Because homeownership comes with responsibilities, more home owners participate to the political landscape as many decisions taken by the senate and others affect homeowners. This is  a civic duty that would likely be missed were we all renters.

Large corporations also have civism responsibility.


It may sound strange to many, but it also helps with crime rates. It is lower when there is a larger homeownership.

A homeowner is much more likely to protect his property and the property of his neighbors by calling the police (i.e. I’m not talking about you having a firearm and blasting at robbers here!)

As an owner protects his property he better learns of ownership rights and thus is much less likely to himself become a criminal.


Yes. Owners may not really be cleaners but by having more owners we generally gain cleaner neighborhoods. Another possible reason is that owners and their children are generally happier because they own their home.

So as a result we see greater health in areas with stronger home ownership.

San Diego, 2017

The San Diego region saw a larger than normal increase in home prices. The weather is nice and quite a few wealthy people like to move there. Only that often means the less fortunate lose access to their own property because it becomes unaffordable.

The results noted is that there are about 3,200 more homeless people in the San Diego. With that many more people living in the street, the city has many more cases of Hepatitis A. By October 17, 2017, the death toll was at 19. (See article here)

This is a good example of the opposite effect, lack of homeownership.

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