Can I have my lot remapped?

Breaking a lot, merging existing lots, changing the size of various lots. It is all possible. Once you have all the necessary documents, it generally takes less than a month to register the new configuration.

However, there are reasons why it may not be doable or much more complicated. When reconfiguring lots, the main requirement is the tax rate on each lot. It has to be the same. If the lots are generally in what looks like the same track, that should not be a problem. Yet, having contiguous lots does not automatically make them part of the same tax rate.

Of course, of the various lots are owned by different owners, you will need all the owners to agree on the new configuration. This is often where it becomes very complicated. One way to resolve this potential problem is to buy out the properties owned by other people, do your modifications, then sell back the properties you do not want to keep. Not cheap!

Once you get these problems resolved, you want to check with an engineering consultant company and a surveyor. These people create the documents necessary to submit to the assessor office which will verify the changes and if everything is in good standing, record them. Now the new lot configuration is official and you can move forward.

Need to reconfigure lots? If you are looking into this and want a hand, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be delighted to look into your proposed changes and help you along the way.

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