Bed Bug Disclosure

This new disclosure is applicable starting on Jul 1, 2017.

It applies to Landlords who have to disclose the possibility for a bedbug infestation in rental properties. It further explains how renters are to cooperate with the landlord to make sure such infestations can be eradicated.

If you are contemplating renting in California, you are expected to receive a disclosure about this matter before or as you sign your rental contract.

For more details, please read the referenced law below.

Park La Brea Apartments Law Suit

The Park La Brea Apartments vs Residents 2017 lawsuit is setting a precedent with regard to landlords having to report and taking care of any and all bed beg problems found at their property. In this case, the 16 residents part of the lawsuit won and were awarded a total of $3.5 million (the amounts received by the residents varied between $44k and $580k each.)

The points that helped the residents to win were:

  • Sleeplessness at work
  • Humiliation endured at work
  • Anxiety (as a result of the other two problems)

The verdict was pronounced on December 2017.

Note that the problem was first reported in 2008. The new regulation will help expedite such cases in the future.

(Ref. CAL. CIV. § 1954.600 to § 1954.605)

WARNING: We are not lawyers. We try to provide information about the Californian disclosures in plain English and with a reference to the actual law. Our website pages have absolutely no legal binding whatsoever and may even include mistakes or misleading statements.

2 Replies to “Bed Bug Disclosure”

  1. Yes. As I was looking for that specific case of bed bugs, I had a hard time because many other cases were popping up. I lived in L.A. a while back, but was never acquainted with Park La Brea. In any events, when it’s difficult to find one case about a place, because many other cases pop up instead, it’s probably not the best place to live. I’m glad someone confirmed my feeling. Thank you.

  2. Hello,

    Saw your article about Park La Brea bug lawsuit. This is just a small detail of what really happening in Park La Brea.
    Those people are absolute criminals who do not respect anyone and hide behind highly-paid lawyers.
    They discriminate people with disabilities, ignore any reasonable accommodation request (simply by not responding), they corner residents to sign eviction paperwork, they employees steal people’s belongings, call police on people (whose belongings they stole), do illegal construction, etc…

    I feel laws are created for everyone, but not them, they think money can resolve any problem.

    Can anyone stop this Park La Brea from hurting people????



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