3 Ways to Sell Your Home for More Money

Beautiful home at first sight sell for more

Who doesn’t want to sell their home for more money?

Homeowners are always looking for ways to increase their home value and when it comes time to sell, to get the most for their home. While markets shift between buyers and sellers regularly, there are some ways to ensure that your home sells for more.

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Are iBuyers Competition?

It’s like selling a car. You have choices. You can FSBO it or you can take it to a dealer. It’s common knowledge that you’ll get more for the car if you sell it yourself, though.

It’s also a hassle to DIY a car sale. Those who want to avoid having to clean and repair the car, be available for showings and test drives, haggling over price and dealing with all the paperwork choose the dealer option.

Basically, that is what iBuyers are – the dealerships of the real estate world. Just dump your current home and turn your attention to the new one.

That’s a bit simplistic, but you get the general idea.

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Transform Your Home into a Smart Home

As technology continues to evolve and become vital to our daily lives, it only makes sense to consider how it can make things easier for you on an everyday basis. And there is perhaps no better place to incorporate “smart” technology than your home. With today’s smart devices, you can do things like automatically controlling the temperature of your home, the brightness of the lights in your space and when they turn on and off, and even when your slow cooker should begin to cook dinner. Let’s take a look at how you can make your home smart and reap the benefits the technology has to offer! 

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The Wildlife in the Summer Season in Sacramento, California

This photo shows a coyote jumping as it is attempting to catch a prey.


The summer season is when most of the wildlife comes out and there is still a lot of it in the Sacramento area, especially in the outskirt and along the river since we saved a pretty large natural area around the river exactly for that purpose (and also to provide space in case of large water flow in an attempt to avoid or at least reduce river floods which would happen every few years before we had the Folsom Dam and the Natoma Lake Dam.) Continue reading “The Wildlife in the Summer Season in Sacramento, California”

Investors who want to wholesale a house, beware of the agent’s commission!

When investors look into wholesaling a house, they generally already have interested buyers and go in the transaction knowing that they will be able to pretty much immediately flip the house.

If you are a beginner, you want to pay attention to the costs of such a transaction. If you handle everything yourself, then you avoid the commission costs to any agent, which means you can nearly see your income as the difference between your purchase and sale price. However, either way, there are fees.

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